News Poland named one of the ‘destinations of the decade’

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Poland named one of the ‘destinations of the decade’

Poland named one of the 'destinations of the decade'

City breakers booking flights to Poland have noticed the country’s "authentic flair", which has helped the eastern European country become one of the destinations of the decade.

This is according to the Polish National Tourist Office (PNTO), which was responding to the nation’s inclusion in the Guardian’s best locations of the 2000s.

Development and press manager at the PNTO Ewa Binkin said that Poland, which is easily accessible on cheap flights from Britain, boasts uniqueness almost everywhere because "civilisation hasn’t hit us the way it has in many other countries".

"A lot of people do not realise that Poland has a long stretch of Baltic Sea; they don’t realise that there are absolutely beautiful beaches in Poland on which summer holidays can be very rewarding and not very expensive," she commented.

Ms Binkin went on to say that other attractions include city breaks in Warsaw and value-for-money skiing.

The Guardian praised Poland’s "rich political past" in addition to its culture and impressive scenery, with the rise of budget airlines having made the country especially popular among Brits.