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We will see the world again

At Skyscanner, we’re all about getting people out into the world. However, at this difficult time for everyone, it’s become harder to do what we do best: travel. And it’s tough. Really tough.

But we will travel again when this is all over. We will go to the places we want to go, and we will see the faces we long to see. We will get through this.

And until then, we can still plan for that next trip. That’s why we’ve been asking the team at Skyscanner to tell us about the first place they’ll be going once they can get back out there.

Here are some of the trips we at Skyscanner can’t wait to take…

visit australia

I’ve had to cancel three trips, including one for my birthday. It’s been sad to accept, but the right decision. Now I’m focusing my positive energy on planning one big adventure for when this is over. Instead of weekend trips to Europe, I’ll go to Australia – further than I’ve ever been before. Saving and dreaming about it will help me get through this.

Anna, Skyscanner employee in Budapest, Hungary

The onset of the pandemic meant I couldn’t go to Romania to sit my driving test, so that’ll be my first stop. Then it’ll be Costa Rica or Indonesia for a two-week surfing trip. I often dream of being in the water on a board at night, and knowing I can’t do it is a killer. I can’t wait to be in the water, face the waves and explore a new country. 

Andrei, Skyscanner employee in London, UK
Visit Las Vegas

My favourite people to take a trip with are my group of girl friends from back home in Liverpool. We don’t live in the same place these days, so I’m always looking for fun places for us to spend time together – beach holidays, music festivals… They are like the sisters I never had. When we come through this, we’re going to have a big blow-out in Vegas. There’s no better place to go crazy with your mates! 

Katy, Skyscanner employee in Edinburgh, UK

What trips are you dreaming of?

We may not be able to travel right now, but you can satisfy your wanderlust by taking virtual trips with Skyscanner around the world in the meantime. Then, when the time is right, we’ll be here to help you plan your future travel. Until then, let’s explore together, straight from your armchair. Plane ticket need not apply… yet.