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Plane Passengers Want Cockpit Seats Says Skyscanner

Plane Passengers Want Cockpit Seats Says Skyscanner

When it comes to added extras, what airline passengers want most is a seat in the cockpit, according to the latest results of a poll by Skyscanner.

cockpit.cabin.JPGAs airline passengers are increasingly ambushed by more and more hidden charges disguised as special services, Skyscanner asked what extras passengers really wouldn’t grudge forking out more cash for.

The poll revealed that 16% of Skyscanner users would happily pay extra to be seated in the captain’s cockpit alongside the pilots. Coming in very close behind was “internet access” with 15%, “to be seated away from babies/young children” with 14%, and “extra legroom” with 13% of the vote.

Unfortunately for Skyscanner users, the chances of ever getting a seat in the cockpit are now highly unlikely. Security measures put in place after 9/11 mean that the cockpit is now completely off limits to everyone except crew.

Lara Bayley, head of communications for Skyscanner said:

“If security regulations allowed, no doubt some airlines would be offering cockpit seats and pilot visits, for a price. The demand is obviously there so this would be a great way to earn extra revenue. The added bonus of a cockpit seat is that you also get extra legroom and you’d be seated away from babies”.

The option to board up to five minutes before the plane leaves the gate won 10% of the vote, a seatback entertainment system received 9%, whilst a parachute garnered 7%. Other extras included fast-track check-in, a priority security queue, a cot for babies, and the option to buy magazines and newspapers.