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Parents admit holidaying without kids is best

Parents admit holidaying without kids is best

A recent survey by Skyscanner has revealed that a depressing 97% of parents say that they are no longer free to travel as they please due to the restrictions that travelling with children brings.

The survey found that only a tiny minority 3% said travelling with children did not affect their holiday decision, with the expense of holidaying as a family cited as the main factor affecting holiday choices (28%).

Of those surveyed, 15% of parents admitted that they were limited to short haul holidays to avoid an arduous long flight, 9% avoid anywhere too hot, 4% can’t go anywhere too exotic in case the children don’t like the food and a shocking (albeit small) 2% admitted that their kids call the shots when it comes to actually choosing where to go!

With all these limitations and stresses that travelling with children brings it is perhaps unsurprising that a third of all parents admitted that they would actually find holidaying without their children more enjoyable. Additionally over half of parents said that to them a holiday meant a chance to relax and a break from the norm more so than “the chance to spend quality time with the family”.

Further holiday stress is added by the fact that parents and children often have differing opinions on the dream holiday destination; although USA was the top choice for both parents and children and Australia was the third most popular choice for both, all the other top five destinations differed between the two groups.

The top 5 dream destinations are:

For parents
1. USA
2. Thailand
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. Italy

For children
1. USA
2. Spain
3. Australia
4. South Africa
5. France

The difference in opinion extended to activities whilst on holiday, with half of all children choosing a day at a water park as their most enjoyable activity while only 12% of parents agreed. A day at the beach was the top choice for parents with 42% of the votes – a choice only favoured by 13% of children.

Commenting on the findings, Skyscanner’s Mary Porter (a mother herself) said:

“Whilst of course children bring a huge amount of pleasure to their parents, there can be moments where it can feel frustrating that you can no longer do as you please on holiday and choices don’t feel as though they are your own. Added to the fact that parents are on duty looking after their children, it is no wonder that many parents can yearn for some time off from the kids to completely relax.”

She continued, “The key of course is to find a holiday which allows the parents some time off – choose a hotel with a babysitting service or kids’ club or opt to holiday with friends or family who might share some of the childcare responsibilities.”

5 reasons why holidaying with kids is better!

It’s not all bad news for parents. Here’s five reasons why holidaying with your young is better!

1. You get to get on the plane first.

2. A sunrise never looked as new and fresh as when with a young child.

3. You have an excuse for not visiting that famous statue or important museum – ‘the kids will get bored’.

4. You are more likely to talk to locals as they ruffle your kids hair and generally scare them.

5. You have an excuse for not having a ‘beach body’ (although sadly, so does your partner).

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