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Here at Skyscanner HQ, we believe that reading about your destination is always a good idea. It gives you a taste of place, a sense of the people and often a grasp on the history and culture of a country or city.

Enter: “Exploring the world through fiction” is their slogan, and their goal is to help travellers find books about the country they plan to visit.

For example, let’s say you’re heading on holiday to Croatia and are keen to learn a little more about it, just click on their ‘Croatia’ section and you are presented with a selection of novels set in the country. You can also view true stories, (as in travelogues), guide books and history publications too. is still in its infancy; the design is simple and the list of countries could do with expanding. The site makes its money through the Amazon affiliate programme, and with a bit of digging around on Amazon itself, it would probably be possible to find most of these books yourself – eventually.

However, makes it quick and easy to find fiction (and non-fiction) by laying it all out for you, in a neat and tidy fashion, ordered by country – which you can’t do on Amazon, and for that reason, it’s definitely one for book lovers to watch.

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