How do you use Skyscanner? Do you look at the cheapest flights from your nearest airport, check the best time to book using the charts or do you bounce to and from Skyscanner until finally deciding to book?

See which one of these 10 personality types best describe your travel planning habits, and see how you can bag a deal on flights next time you're looking.

1. The One-Click Wonder

A highly efficient 3% of Skyscanner travellers fall into this category; they know exactly what they want when they visit Skyscanner and spend just five minutes or less finding and booking their flight. Is this you? Hit the green button and get straight to the good stuff!

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2. Mystic Meg

Mystic Meg is so confident she knows what will happen to flight prices that she trusts her instincts entirely when deciding on when to book. However, as prices fluctuate, Mystic Meg risks being punished if her clairvoyance lets her down. Avoid the mishap and plug your flight into Skyscanner Price Alerts. You'll receive an email when it's the best time to book based on data - not just a crystal ball. Alternatively, use our handy chart to find the best time to book your next flight.

3. The Booker Hooker

Although this type of booker is easily 'bought' by any airline offering cheap flights, these are the most savvy users when it comes to getting a bargain. Skyscanner research shows this is the most common booker, with 48% of you telling us that price and getting a good deal is the most important factor when booking a flight.

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4. The Fantasist

A dreamer who is always looking but never booking, the Fantasist will regularly pop on Skyscanner, at work, on the bus, on their laptop, or the Skyscanner app, looking at everything from flights to Spain to luxury hotels in Dubai. This sound like you? Then you might want to spend some time flicking through these incredible photos of some of the world's most beautiful beaches.

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5. The Cheap Date

This flexible booker will focus on the cheapest date to fly to their destination. 6% of Skyscanner travellers use (and love) month view tool which makes finding the cheapest date simple. Learn how to use the month view tool now if you want to become a Cheap Date.

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6. The Old Faithful

A small minority of travellers will always book their flights with the same airline, no matter how much they cost. However when it comes to getting a bargain, the Old Faithful may find they are penalised for their loyalty. You can find the best deals when you're flexible about your airline, as well as the the time and date of your flight.

7. The OCD User (Obsessively Checks Dates)

The OCD user just can’t stop checking flight prices, especially if they're planning a trip of a lifetime to Australia or another long-haul destination. Tip: if this is you, sign up for Skyscanner's Price Alerts and you'll receive an email when flight prices change, saving you lots of time going backwards and forwards to check flight prices.

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8. The Forgetful Flier

The most costly mistakes tend to be made by the Forgetful Flier who is forced to book a last minute flight because they have forgotten to book their flights and are now running around in a blind panic. However, leaving things to the last minute need not mean a disaster and overpriced flight. If you're flexible about your destination you could book one of these amazing last minute packages.

9. The Experimentourist

This experimental traveller is open-minded when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, with decisions more likely to be based on price. A massive 15% of visitors to the site will try Skyscanner’s 'search everywhere' tool to find the best prices around the globe. Be inspired and start your adventure now, by learning how to search 'everywhere'.

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10. Carpe Deal-em

Seizes the deal! The most spontaneous of users, the Carpe Deal-em sees a bargain price and goes for it. The Skyscanner Deals page is where this traveller type is most likely to hang out, waiting to spot a deal, prepared to act on a moment's notice.

Travel personality type

Know which one you are? Check out Skyscanner's Deals, the Everywhere Search, or just keep dreaming about the next holiday right here...

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