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Newlyweds ‘choose mini-moons’

Newlyweds 'choose mini-moons'

Newlyweds are more likely to choose a short trip after their big day than an expensive honeymoon, it has been claimed.

According to a poll by esure travel insurance, cash-strapped couples are going on a low-key break and then saving for flights to a lavish holiday destination in the following months.

The study found 22 per cent of just married couples delay their honeymoon by weeks or months, while 17 per cent admitted they could not afford to go on their dream trip immediately after tying the knot.

Mick Pickard, head of travel insurance for the researcher, said: "The costs of a wedding alone can seriously stretch the finance of newlyweds."

With the extra pressures associated with the credit crunch, he added it is "not surprising" that many Britons are choosing short breaks while they put money aside for flights to their ideal locations.

Earlier this month, esure revealed 18 per cent of those questioned in a recent poll would not take out insurance for a winter sports holiday.

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