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New Year’s Resolutions: give it up and travel the world

Skyscanner takes a look and how far you could fly if you ditch your dirty habits

Skyscanner takes a look and how far you could fly if you ditch your dirty habits. So why not go cold turkey and reward yourself with a weekend break with all the funds you save?

SwissCow.Alpine.JPGGive up smoking – get to Amsterdam
Probably the most popular New Year’s Resolution of all, if you forgo your 20-a-day habit, you’ll save £152 in a month (based on spending £5/day on cigarettes). Use your newly found health and wealth to go to Amsterdam, spend a day testing your new lung capacity by strolling along the canal rich streets, then light up in a coffee shop.

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Give up coffees – get to Milan
All those mocca-chocca-frappuccino-lattes add up and based on spending £2 a day, you’re drinking away a whopping £60 month. Why not ditch the daily coffee grind and then use your savings to splash out on a trip to Milan where you’ll be able to sup on the finest Columbian dark roasted beans in a decadent Milanese coffee house and watch the world go by?

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Give up booze – get to Brussels
Dropping that post work pint and those big nights out can save you around £76/month, (based on spending an average of £2.50/day on the booze). You’ll feel healthier, have fewer hangovers and with your new found wealth be able to visit Belgium. Famed for its excellent beers, sample the fine fruit brews or monastic ales for which Belgium brewers are renowned.

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Give up crisps + chocolate – get to Zurich
It’s crunch time for our favourite snacks. Leave the daily crisps and chocolate bars alone and you can save £54.74 in 2 months (based on spending 90p/day). You’ll be cutting down on the calories and shedding a few waistline inches too. With the money saved, fly yourself to the capital of chocolate – Switzerland and gorge yourself on Toblerone and Milka until you’re sick.

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Ditch the bus – get to Paris
Say goodbye to cramming yourself onto a crowded bus or tube every day and evening and hello to your two wheeled friend – the humble bicycle. By taking to the saddle everyday, you could save £60 per month (based on spending £3/day commuting) and you’ll be a whole lot fitter for it too. Use your savings to visit Paris where their ‘freedom’ bike scheme allows you to hire cycles from 750 ranks throughout the city. If pedal power just sounds like too much hard work – you can always take the bus or metro.

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