News New Space ‘Bloon’ will float you to orbit

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New Space ‘Bloon’ will float you to orbit

New Space ‘Bloon’ will float you to orbit

For holiday photos that are out of this world, you might want to sign up for the latest adventure in space travel.


The ‘Bloon’ is the brainchild of Spanish entrepreneur Jose Lopez-Urdiales and is a ‘state of the art flying device that climbs to a height of 22 miles (36 kilometres) from the surface of the Earth. To all intents and purposes this is a giant hot air balloon, with a luxury pod dangling below that will hold four passengers and two pilots, transporting them all to dizzying new heights.

Holidaymakers who can afford the £90,000 price tag are in for the flight of a lifetime. They will see dawn steal across the planet and the stunning sight of the Earth’s curvature; the blackness of infinite space up above, and stars and a sun that look very different to the ones we see from Earth.

Not only is the ‘Bloon’ cheaper than a rocket but it has the advantage of being almost silent, making the ascent and decent a serene and even more emotive experience. The ‘Bloon’s’ first manned flight is anticipated to be in 2013. It will float above the earth for around three hours, while the journeys up and down take an hour each way.


Lopez-Urdiales believes that this unforgettable experience will make people feel more connected to one another and the Earth, reminding them that they all come from a planet and are ‘part of something bigger’.

Spain is seen as a likely contender for the location of the first flight thanks to its good weather, so start saving those Doubloons and don’t forget to book your flights to Spain!