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New Ryanair Flights from Bologna base

New Ryanair Flights from Bologna base

Ryanair is set to expand into its 30th European base next year with a handful of new routes.

The airline has announced seven new routes flying out from its new Bologna base in Italy, set to launch from October 27th 2008.

Services from Bologna to Barcelona and Valencia in Spain and Brussels in Belgium will depart four times per week.

Cheap flights to Frankfurt in Germany and Birmingham in the UK will run three times per week.

There will also be two flights to Dublin, Ireland and five to the UK’s Stansted Airport, also on a weekly basis.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair chief executive, said: "This will release the region from the high airfares, fuel surcharges and frequent strikes of Alitalia and underlines our commitment to the Italian travelling public."

The move follows an announcement by the carrier on Wednesday, July 30th, that it intends to slash one million of its fares in light of recent price rises by other airlines.

Ryanair also hopes that its new services from Bologna will carry around 800,000 passengers to the airport annually.