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New ‘pay what you want’ concrete tube hotels

New ‘pay what you want’ concrete tube hotels

It’s ‘the tube’ like you’ve never seen it before. It’s made from an old concrete drainage pipe, has a bed, a light, and a big round door.

Dasparkhotel now has two sites in Austria offering its unusual tubular stays – Bernepark and Ottensheim – and operates on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis, making this perfect for budget travellers.

Created by designer Andreas Strauss, an Austrian art college graduate, he hit upon the idea of his ‘pipe dream’ using the practical, simple and functional concrete sections.

The rooms are basic, after all this is just a giant concrete pipe with a wall at one end, a door at the other, one hole for sunlight and a ‘eurofoam mattress’. Toilets and showers are available on site and there is a café nearby serving food and drinks.

However, they are already proving popular with those who enjoy quirky places to lay their head, and are a great value option for a cheap stay in the Danube region, and have been particular popular with canoeists.


Picture: Andrea Strauss