News New ‘Jetpack tourism’ blasts off in Florida

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New ‘Jetpack tourism’ blasts off in Florida

New ‘Jetpack tourism’ blasts off in Florida

Bored of bungee jumps? Parachuting passé? Then try the latest adrenaline experience: strapping a jetpack to your back and flying like something out of a James Bond film.

Jet Pack Adventures, based in Key West, Florida is now offering visitors the chance to be their very own 007 with a unique jetpacking experience. Here, you’ll be trained on a Jetlev R200, a recreational jetpack that is flown over water and allows the ‘pilot’ to hover, fly and zip around in the air.

Unlike the jetpacks made famous by James Bond, the Jetlev uses water as its propellant rather than hot gases, meaning it’s much safer and far easier to use. Indeed, Jet Pack Adventures say you can learn to take off, turn and hover in as little as six minutes.

An introductory flight experience costs US$249 plus tax and lasts about 2 hours, which includes around 20 minutes of flight time.

If you’re looking for a unique flying experience – grab flights to Florida, and take a blast in the jetpack!

Watch the video below to get a taste of jetpacking: