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New car hire centre planned for Edinburgh

New car hire centre planned for Edinburgh

Edinburgh Airport is planning to build a new car hire centre to meet an anticipated growth in demand.

The new £9.5 million facility is expected to be accessible by spring 2009 and will be available to passengers arriving on cheap flights from the airport’s main terminal.

This could help curb demand for hire cars, which officials estimate will grow by around 50,000 passengers per year by 2010.

A 500-metre covered walkway will link the main building to the reception facility at the rental centre.

Gordon Dewar, managing director at Edinburgh Airport, told the Scotsman that he hoped the new facility would even meet environmental concerns.

"By offering more choice and convenience, a more efficient service and through making use of sustainable design techniques, this project makes sense for our passengers" he said.

The announcement comes after authorities reached a decision not to follow through plans to introduce an Edinburgh Airport Rail Link.

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