News The Netherlands is Europe’s ‘most welcoming’ country

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The Netherlands is Europe’s ‘most welcoming’ country

The Netherlands is Europe's 'most welcoming' country

People booking flights to The Netherlands are benefiting from the country’s friendliness in addition to a wealth of culture and events.

This is according to The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, whose spokeswoman said that Dutch people are "warm, open [and] laid back".

"They enjoy speaking to visitors from different countries and often speak several languages, making communication easier," the spokeswoman explained.

"The friendly Dutch atmosphere makes visitors feel relaxed and welcome on their holiday."

Her comments come after research published by OnePoll revealed that The Netherlands is the most friendly tourist destination in Europe, scoring nearly twice as many votes as second-placed Greece.

Holidaymakers booking flights to Portugal and Italy will be pleased to learn that the nations are also among Europe’s most welcoming, while the same cannot be said of France and Germany, which came bottom of the poll.

Three-quarters of respondents said they had experienced rudeness in France, while this was the case among two-thirds of visitors to Germany.