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Musician dedicates song to lost luggage

Musician dedicates song to lost luggage

Losing your luggage is everyone’s idea of a travel nightmare, but one American songwriter has found a unique way of coming terms with it – penning a protest song against those responsible for his lost luggage.


Texan guitarist Dale Watson had paid £300 in excess fees for a box of CDs on a Tiger Airways flight only to discover the box had gone missing in transit. Watson then became so frustrated at the lack of response to his phone calls that he decided to translate his complaint into song in a desperate last-ditch attempt to grab the attention of the Australian carrier.

Within hours of “We Don’t Careways” going on YouTube, Watson is said to have received £1,300 compensation from the airline and the video has since become an internet sensation clocking up over 23,000 views in less than two weeks.

This is not the first time a song has been written in protest at a baggage handling incident, however. In 2008, Dave Carroll was travelling with his band Sons of Maxwell to Nebraska for a one-week tour, only to arrive at his destination and discover that his $3,500 guitar had arrived severely damaged.

“United Breaks Guitars” was born shortly afterwards and has clocked up an astonishing 10 million views on YouTube.

Check out both videos below!