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mTrip – app of the week

mTrip - app of the week

mTrip is an interactive travel guide for iPhone and Android, which is focussed on cities and ideal for travellers eager to sample as much as possible during their trip.

There are nearly 30 mTrip guides available, 16 in Europe, seven in Asia and five in the USA with more destinations planned soon. We tested out the New York city guide which made us pine for our next trip to the Big Apple and was packed with hundreds of recommended attractions across the city.

The mTrip homepage features various categories for you to filter your activities by, including restaurants, bars & nightlife and shopping, or instead simply browse through the attractions with iTunes-style ‘coverflow’ photos in landscape mode (pictured, right) to get an even better idea of what lies in store. Or go one virtual step further by using the feature-du-jour for travel smartphone apps, augmented reality – a fun and useful addition to the comprehensive maps available on the app.

Once you’ve chosen a potential attraction, you can add it to your itinerary or save it for later as a favourite at the touch of a button.

Our favourite feature was mTrip Genius, which creates a customised itinerary depending on your interests, no. of days you’re staying, your previously saved favourites and also ‘visit intensity’ – so you won’t be rushed off your feet if you do want to take it slightly easier (although we’re pretty mTrip HQ won’t check up on you if you did want to skip one or two activities on an excessively-packed itinerary).

Travellers can share tips and activities by sending a customised ‘postcard’ by email or via Facebook from their chosen location, a pretty cool way of keeping in touch with friends and family on your trip. Best of all, the app and all its customisable features are available offline, so you won’t be hit with any nasty roaming fees.

mTrip is available on iTunes and Android priced at £3.49 per guide

Watch the video below to see the app in action.