News Mountain Madness: 7 climbs for budding mountaineers

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Mountain Madness: 7 climbs for budding mountaineers

Mountain Madness: 7 climbs for budding mountaineers

Skyscanner introduces 7 mountains for the weekend warrior mountain climber. Mountain walking is an increasingly popular pastime; it’s great exercise, offers a real sense of achievement, and if you’re lucky, and pretty good view too. mountain.climber.JPGSo grab your gaiters, pack your hiking poles, and head for the hills. Next stop: Everest!

Snowdon, Wales (1085m) – the beauty of climbing Wales’ highest mountain is that you can always get the train down if you’re too tired to make the return journey. A typical climbing party takes around 5-6 hours to reach the summit and come down again, and it’s a very popular trip for those looking for their first mountain adventure. Find cheap flights to Cardiff

Table Mountain, South Africa (1086m) – offering an awesome panorama of Cape Town and its coastline from the peak plateau, Table Mountain is one of southern Africa’s most beautiful natural wonders.

Under the blaze of a hot African sun, dehydration and sunburn are some of the biggest hazards, but those with a basic level of fitness can reach the summit in around three hours, where you can enjoy a glass of South Africa’s finest vintage in the restaurant at the top. If you’re feeling a little woozy after your wine, you can always take the cable car down. Find cheap flights to Cape Town

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver, Canada (1231m) – known as the Grouse grind – many locals and visitors alike take the well marked trail to the top which also plays host to the annual Grouse Grind Run.

The current official record is a nippy 26 minutes, but the more leisurely hiker will take about 90 minutes to reach the top, from where you can look over the city and the sea. There’s also a cable car for the mountain climber who prefers not to climb. Find cheap flights to Vancouver

Ben Nevis, Scotland (1344m) – the UK’s highest mountain, is also the most popular with tens of thousands climbing it every year. But despite its relatively low altitude, this mighty mountain should not be underestimated; the harsh and changeable highland weather can make it hazardous even in mid-summer, so come well prepared for all seasons. Find cheap flights to Glasgow or Edinburgh

Triglav, Slovenia (2864m) – it is said that every Slovene has a national duty to climb Triglav. Meaning “three headed” after a mythological beast said to inhabit it, Triglav is Slovenia’s highest mountain. Situated in the beautiful Triglav National Park, which also incorporates the impressive Bohinj Lake, the mountain dominates the scenery.

The easiest routes allow the mountain summit to be reached by novices and most people spend a night in one of the rest huts to break up the journey. Find cheap flights to Ljubljana

japan.mountain.fuji.JPGFuji, Japan (3776m) – climbing Japan’s highest mountain and most iconic landmark is a rite of passage for the Japanese and every year thousands hike and scramble up the volcanic rock to reach the mountain’s creator summit.

Fuji Mountain’s climbing season is short, lasting from July to August when you’ll find well marked trails, rest stops and even vending machines along the way. Fuji can be conquered by anyone with a basic level of fitness, but as Japanese saying goes “He who climbs Fuji once is a wise man. He who climbs it twice is a fool”. Find cheap flights to Tokyo

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (5895m) – despite its high altitude, Africa’s highest mountain doesn’t require great mountaineering skill or experience to reach the summit, which is what makes it so popular with amateur climbers. It’s the altitude rather than the technical difficulty of the mountain which is likely to thwart a summit attempt, so it’s vital to acclimatise your body and even the easiest route (The Marangu trail) is a five day trek. Find cheap flights to Kilimanjaro

_Although these mountains are at the easier end of the mountaineering scale, it is vital to equip yourself with the proper footwear, clothing, provisions and knowledge before setting out on a climb, as mountain weather can make climbing hazardous at any time of year, and people who come ill-prepared may perish in the mountain environment. Read mountain walking tips here._