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Morrck Baby Travel Hoodie: REVIEW

Morrck Baby Travel Hoodie: REVIEW

£35.95 from Amazon

The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a reversible hooded travel wrap, uniquely shaped to fit neatly into standard car seats (up to age 4), pushchairs, bouncy chairs and supermarket trolley infant seats.

We weren’t sure how our little boy would take to the Baby Hoodie as he’s never been keen on being swaddled, but he seems to be really content when he’s wrapped up in it.

It can be used with the car seat or pushchair and it’s much easier to fit than a lot of pushchair liners. It’s also machine washable which is very handy.

Where it really comes into its own when you’re going in and out of shops and cafes as it allows you to unwrap your little one so they can cool down without the hassle of removing various layers of coats. This is particularly useful if they are asleep – any time you can prevent an unnecessary wake up is welcomed!

We were sceptical about whether it would be warm enough to replace outdoor clothing as advertised, but it really is very cosy – you can just wrap your wee one up wearing their indoor clothes and it certainly removes the need for carrying extra blankets around with you.

Overall, the Baby Hoodie is well made and feels lovely; our baby loves it and clings to it like a comforter. It’s also really very cute. At £35.95 it’s reasonably priced seeing it will last for while, and as a mother – I would definitely recommend it.

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