News More Scots to purchase flights to Iceland

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More Scots to purchase flights to Iceland

More Scots to purchase flights to Iceland

More Scots will be purchasing flights to Iceland this winter as a fall in room rates encourages British visitors to travel to the country.

An Icelandic trade organisation wants to turn the traditional ‘Icelandic invasion’ of Scotland on its head, with many people from the Scandinavian country now unable to travel because of the collapse of the country’s banking system.

Instead, the delegation want to encourage more British visitors to the country by offering discounts in shopping malls and slashing hotel room rates.

Speaking at a dinner event in Edinburgh last week, Cameron Buchanan, Iceland’s honorary consul for Scotland, said: "The idea would be to encourage British, and in particular Scottish, tourism. It would be like turning the Icelandic invasion on its head."

Skyscanner’s own results revealed that flight search traffic for routes between the UK and Iceland had risen by 400 percent over the last month, which reflects the growing interest in the country as travellers are attracted by a drop in prices.

According to currency date from, Iceland has become 56 per cent cheaper than it was in April.