News More Brits expected to ‘downgrade’ this summer’s holiday

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More Brits expected to ‘downgrade’ this summer’s holiday

More Brits expected to 'downgrade' this summer's holiday

More families will be downgrading their holiday this year, which could spell good news for the UK’s domestic flights market.

This is according to the Family Holiday Association, which said that people who may have booked flights abroad may instead choose to visit a British seaside destination.

John McDonald, the association’s director, said he was "sure" that the economic situation would impact on people’s summer travel plans.

"I think perhaps there will be a downgrading of holidays rather than not having any holidays at all," he commented.

This could see more people booking flights to destinations such as the Channel Islands and the Isles of Scilly, both of which are served by some of the UK’s regional airports.

Recent research from revealed that 90 percent of parents devote their family holiday to making sure that their children are happy.

It was also revealed that almost half (49 percent) of UK parents have taken their children on holiday during the school term.