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Melbourne: Skyscanner Staff Favourites

Despite the laid back Aussie atmosphere there is plenty going on in this lively city

Melbourne – **Despite the laid back Aussie atmosphere there is plenty going on in this lively city; from barbys on the beach to aussie rules football and fantastic nightlife.**

Name: Dave


Role at Skyscanner: Head of Search Technology

Why? Some of my friends live there and they have one of the best poker rooms in the world at the Crown Casino.

Stay: In St Kilda if you’re under 35 and like restaurants, bars and nightlife hotspots.

Eat: For food, get yourself to the farmers market up north of the town centre. Bag yourself a huge bag of shrimp and go have yourself a barby. For restaurants, check out Chapel street.

Don’t miss: The wine tours – local Australian wine is fantastic and the relaxed Aussie atmosphere means these wine tasting events are as they should be! Everyone is very merry by mid-afternoon.

Also take in an Aussie rules football game, catch the tennis events if you’re there at the beginning of their summer and chill out in the shade in the beautiful parks they have.

Football (soccer) matches are on Friday nights after the locals finish work and there’s a good chance you’ll see some of the older ex-Premiership or ex-Scottish Premier Division players. This is a sporting country so get involved in the sport!

Do Miss: Going to Australia when the grand prix is on (unless of course you’re an F1 fan!) as everything is far more expensive. Also – don’t take the yellow taxis if you can avoid it – they’re overpriced and hardly any of the drivers seem to know the destination you name! The trams will take you anywhere you need to go in town or the suburbs.

Top Tip: If you decide to stay in town instead of St Kilda, make sure you get a hotel with a rooftop tennis court, swimming pool, barbeque area combo. Bear in mind it gets dark at 7pm regardless of time of year so golf is a morning/afternoon sport.

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