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With more and more airlines now charging for check-in luggage – the number and the weight of your baggage has become an important factor in deciding which airline to fly with.

It’s a legal requirement for airlines to display their luggage limits, however these can be hard to find, often buried deep within the airlines site – in fact – it’s almost as if some airlines would prefer you not to find them.

It’s no coincidence that prices to check in excess baggage on the day of travel can be as high as £35 each way. Some airlines are particularly strict and will scrutinise the number of carry-on items – forcing you to have it all in one bag – or pay the hefty check-in charge.

Enter – the place to go for comprehensive luggage information. The simple site allows you to enter an airline, departure airport and arrival airport, and then gives you all the details on luggage size and weight limits, plus what it will cost you. You can also select ticket class to display the limits for each ticket type.

The site claims to check for luggage info updates on a daily basis and currently offers information on 80 different airlines with more promised soon.

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