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Lapland: not in the UK says Skyscanner

Last time we looked, Lapland wasn’t in Dorset...

Last time we looked, Lapland wasn’t in Dorset. In fact, we’re fairly sure that Lapland is not in the UK at all. The recent controversy surrounding Lapland New Forest, where it was reported that visitors were greeted by a “bustling” Christmas market consisting of four stalls, a nativity scene painted on a billboard and a cigarette smoking Santa, apparently led to Trading Standards receiving over 2000 complaints from irate families who had paid £25 a head to enter the “winter wonderland, Lapland style” theme park.


_Mr R_eindeer commented: "I prefer the real Lapand"

But don’t let this put you off; Skyscanner can reveal that the real Lapland is an incredibly picturesque region boasting snow cloaked forests, icy glaciers, majestic mountains, sparkling lakes and log cabins. Commonly accepted as the home of Father Christmas, it’s from here that Santa masterminds his global operations including his toy manufacturing base, logistics and distribution centre.

Though Lapland New Forest has since been shut down, other UK alternatives exist. However, with entrance fees of up to £85 per person, it’s worth knowing that for the same price, you can travel most of the way to the real Lapland.

Barry Smith, Skyscanner co-founder commented on the Lapland love:

“If you want the Lapland experience, you might as well do it properly. You can try and replicate the incredible natural beauty of this wild region on UK soil, but chaining huskies to plywood sheds and spraying a bit of fake snow on the trees is no match for the real thing”.

Skyscanner Recommends:

Ylläs (Finland) – take a sleigh ride through snow clad forest, before enjoying berry juice and gingerbread cookies around a roaring log fire whilst reindeer herders explain how they live their lives, then meet Santa and his little helpers in a log cottage on the shore of a frozen lake. Perfect for family festive fun – Santa guaranteed not to smoke.

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Björkliden (Sweden) – deep within the Arctic Circle, this ski area has been a long-kept snow-sure Swedish secret. Situated in the last great European wilderness, you’ll find feather light snow in massive quantities, 24 trails, a vertical drop of 538m, a freestyle terrain park and plenty of off piste for the adventurous. Perfect for skiers and snowboarders – guaranteed no fake snow sprayed on trees.

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Finnmark (Norway) – take a snowmobile safari or a husky sled through the snow covered hills and across the frosty plains where you’ll stop to experience the locals’ traditional way of life in this peaceful arctic wilderness. Perfect for an active and cultural experience – guaranteed no huskies chained to plywood sheds.

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Lapland Fast Facts

  • Lapland is not a single country but a region within the Arctic circle of Northern Europe that stretches across Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.
  • Reindeer are native to Lapland and the Sámi people, traditional nomads who live in the region, have been herding reindeer across Lapland for centuries.
  • During mid-winter the sun never rises in Lapland, making it an ideal place to see the sky ablaze with the fire of the Northern Lights.
  • Lapland is also very popular in summer, where abundant wildlife and a real wilderness still exists making it a hot spot with outdoor and nature lovers.

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