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Kate and Will’s Honeymoon – where they should (and shouldn’t) go

Skyscanner suggests five honeymoon destinations for the royal couple – and three places best avoided.

With the papers full of speculation for the future King and Queen’s forthcoming wedding, Skyscanner suggests five honeymoon destinations for the royal couple – and three places best avoided.

For Him – Rugby World Cup

William’s love of rugby is well documented and he has cheered on his team at many international games. Organisers of the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand have suggested that the newlyweds should come and join the fun next year.

Kate wouldn’t be the first bride to have been coerced into attending a sporting match with her husband and she is sure to be impressed by the after-game antics of the rugby crowd; drinking 12 pints, singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” and collapsing in a pool of their own vomit.

For Her – New York

Middleton is fast becoming a fashion icon and has already been ranked highly in several ‘best dressed’ lists for magazines including Tatler and Vanity Fair. With that in mind, New York seems like an ideal destination for Kate, and William would enjoy nothing more than being dragged around Bloomingdales, designer boutiques, and then being made to go on a Sex and the City tour.

Escape Planet Paparazzi – The Outback Australia

A distant relative of Kate has reportedly urged the couple to come to the his home town of Gilgandra in New South Wales in the Australian Outback for their post-marital celebrations. Both Kate and William have previously objected to paparazzi invasion of their private lives so the benefits of being in the ‘Bush’ would certainly help the couple escape from the prying media eyes.

The Green Choice – Balmoral, Scotland

Tying in with the father-of-the-groom’s eco-friendly attitude, perhaps the couple should stay in the UK?

With a network of country houses, castles and manors at their disposal, a honeymoon on home turf would not only lower the royal carbon footprint, but also fit with the “shoestring” budget that has been bandied around.

Balmoral would be the obvious choice although it is slightly more upmarket than the average UK staycation! A honeymoon in Scotland would also mean the newlyweds could pop into St Andrews to relive the happy memories of where they first met at university.

The Island Choice – Seychelles

These idyllic islands are where the couple are rumoured to have made their commitment to marry three years ago whilst on holiday there. The island of Desroches in the Indian Ocean is known to be a special spot for the couple and with a population of just 50, it was also be an ideal place to enjoy the 14km of immaculate white, sandy beaches and crystal blue waters in private.

Honeymoon destinations best avoided

Zermatt, Switzerland

This Swiss mountain town holds bad memories for the couple as it is where they split up in 2007 whilst on a skiing holiday. The reasons behind the breakup where never fully revealed, though speculators said that William had not been paying Kate enough attention and felt he was too young to marry.

Taj Mahal, India

This Indian symbol of love is also a reminder of the breakdown of Charles’ and Diana’s marriage. The famous picture of Diana sitting alone in front of the marble mausoleum is said to represent her solitude and the dissolving of the most famous royal marriage of all time. The unhappy couple separated later that year.


Ironically, despite being an extremely popular destination with honeymooners, this small island in the Western Pacific has the highest divorce rate in the world with 11.9 divorces per 1000 people. In comparison, the UK rate is just 2.9. (mention Economist)