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Looking for inspiration? If you love Skyscanner’s ‘To Everywhere’ search option, you’re going to like Joobili.

Their "you say when, we say where" and "timely travel" slogans actually sum up the main idea of the website quite well. Just put in some travel dates, and they will let you know what events are going on in Europe during that time, along with an info blurb about each one. Going to be in Sofia on March 2nd? Then you’ll be able to catch Bulgarian National Day celebrations. Dublin in mid-April? Don’t miss the Dance Festival!

Besides being able to search by date, users can also narrow down the field by category, keyword and location. There’s also the opportunity to join their social community to keep track of happenings that you’re interested in, as well as network with other like-minded travellers and give and share advice.

While the website may technically still be a start-up, it has already been receiving rave reviews and favorable press, and is sure to be a hit.

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