News It’s snowtime! 10 wonderful winter holiday ideas: in pictures

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It’s snowtime! 10 wonderful winter holiday ideas: in pictures

There's no business like snow business: get inspired for your winter holiday with our stunning snowy image gallery.

1. Skiing, The Alps

If you’re heading off to the slopes this winter, you can find cheap flights on Skyscanner to a range of gateway airports like Geneva and Grenoble for access to the Alps. Save money on a package and do it yourself with our guide to cheap ski trips.

2. Snowboarding, Macedonia

Chamonix, Whistler, Vail… or perhaps Popova Shapka? Check out our guide to the world’s cheapest places to ski and snowboard.

3. Cross-country skiing, Austria

Cross-country skiing is enjoying a renaissance as a more sedate alternative to downhill skiing. Popular destinations include the Black Forest in Germany and the Tyrol in Austria.

4. Snowshoeing, Canada

Snowboarders use snowshoes to access hard-to-reach back-country ‘powder bowls’, but it is becoming a popular pursuit in its own right. If there’s lots of snow. you can snowshoe. Hotspots include places like Minnesota in the US and British Columbia in Canada. Tennis rackets are of course an alternative for the amateur.

5. Husky mushing, Scotland

Ahh. If you don’t mind a bit of barking, dog sledding is an exhiliarating way of seeing snowy landscapes. See the top dogs in action at the annual Sled Dog rally in Aviemore, Scotland on 26-27 January 2013.

6. Reindeer sledding, Lapland

If huskies just aren’t quite Christmassy enough for you, try reindeer sledding. Or you can just admire these fine animals in their natural habitat in Lapland (home of Santa Claus, of course), or nearer to home in the Cairngorms, Scotland.

7. Ice skating, New York

There aren’t many more Christmassy activities than ice skating as the light fades on a December afternoon, and there aren’t many more atmospheric places to do it than Central Park in New York.

8. Winter mountaineering, Switzerland

This is hard enough in the summer, but it’s seriously tricky in the snow. These climbers are rewarded for their efforts with a jaw-dropping view from the summit of the 4000m peak Weissmies above Saas Fee and Zermatt in Switzerland.

9. Christmas shopping, Germany

Get your festive kicks on the cheap with our seasonal selection of Christmas markets in Europe on a budget. Gingerbread hearts optional, but guaranteed to generate heart-warming, hand-holding moments.

10. City breaking, Paris

If winter sports aren’t your idea of a winter holiday, how about getting away at Twixmas or in the new year on a city break somewhere in Europe. It doesn’t often snow in Paris, but when it does, it is sure to make it even more beautiful.

11. Aurora viewing, Iceland

Heightened sunspot activity means that winter 2012-13 is set to be one your best chances in a lifetime of seeing the aurora. Check out our guide to the best places to see the Northern Lights, from Iceland to Alaska.