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Israir offers flights to Russia

Israir offers flights to Russia

Israir, an Israeli airline has reached an agreement to increase its service to Russia, according to a source.

Starting this week, Israir will offer direct flights to Moscow after a government deal involving travel documents was reached, reports say.

The weekly flights, which are being targeted at Russian expats, are able to be offered thanks to Russian and Israeli officials agreeing to a reciprocal waiving of visas.

Airbus A320s are set to operate the new route, which will see flights travel from Tel Aviv on Mondays and Fridays, the news provider adds.

The initial agreement of two flights per week could be increased to four, depending on demand.

Earlier this year, the airline announced plans for two new routes which are set to begin operating next month.

The Airbus A-330 flights from Israel to Bangkok and Phuket are available between December 15th and February 28th, reported