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International travel plug adapter guide

Electronics have become an essential must pack item for most of us when travelling. There’s nothing worse than that low battery warning on your smartphone when working out directions or posting holiday snaps on Facebook. Whether it’s to recharge your Kindle or plug in that hair dryer you’ll need to know if they are compatible with the voltage and plug type in the country or region you’re travelling to.

If the voltage and plug type differs from the one we use here in the UK you will need an adapter or a converter – or maybe both. To make it nice and easy we’ve collated a list of the most popular travel adapters used per country and region, along with helpful illustrations.

A little more information

It’s a minefield out there when it comes to travel adapters from USB travel adapters, voltage converters, differing plug types, wireless adapters, dual travel adapter/converters and even universal travel adapters. Choosing what is right for you depends on your needs.

A word of warning, unless you want a very sad smartphone or laptop for the rest of your trip you may need a transformer that can convert the voltage safely, as well as an adapter if the plug type is different from the UK. However, you can get an adapter and travel converter combo unit and in most instances adapters are capable of handling voltage between 100v – 240v. But to make sure you can check on the adapter itself as it will be marked there.

Some plug types are used across wider regions. A European plug will typically be a type C, whereas a US plug type will typically be a type A. However, in Asia you will find that different plug types will be used across the different countries. These are broad rules and to be safe and prepared you are better off understanding exactly which plug type is used in the region you are travelling to. Check out our handy list:

Country / RegionAdapter plug Type in Country / RegionVoltage in Country / Region
Abu DhabiG230 V
AfghanistanC, F220 V
AlbaniaC, F230 V
AlgeriaC, F230 V
American SamoaA, B, F, I120 V
AndorraC, F230 V
AngolaC220 V
AnguillaA, B110 V
Antigua & BarbudaA, B230 V
ArgentinaC, I220 V
ArmeniaC, F230 V
ArubaA, B, F120 V
AustraliaI230 V
AustriaC, F230 V
AzerbaijanC, F220 V
AzoresB, C, F230 V
BahamasA, B120 V
BahrainG230 V
Balearic IslandsC, F230 V
BangladeshA, C, D, G, K220 V
BarbadosA, B115 V
BelarusC, F220 V
BelgiumC, E230 V
BelizeA, B, G110 V / 220 V
BeninC, E220 V
BermudaA, B120 V
BhutanC, D, G230 V
BoliviaA, C230 V
BonaireA, C127 V
Bosnia & HerzegovinaC, F230 V
BotswanaD, G230 V
BrazilC, N127 V / 220 V
British Virgin IslandsA, B110 V
BruneiG240 V
BulgariaC, F230 V
Burkina FasoC, E220 V
Burma/MyanmarA, C, D, G, I230 V
BurundiC, E220 V
CambodiaA, C, G230 V
CameroonC, E220 V
CanadaA, B120 V
Canary IslandsC, E, F230 V
Cape VerdeC, F230 V
Cayman IslandsA, B120 V
Central African RepublicC, E220 V
ChadC, D, E, F220 V
Channel IslandsC, G230 V
ChileC, L220 V
ChinaA, C, I220 V
Christmas IslandI230 V
Cocos IslandsI230 V
ColombiaA, B110 V
ComorosC, E220 V
Congo, Democratic RepublicC, D, E220 V
CongoC, E230 V
Cook IslandsI240 V
Costa RicaA, B120 V
Ivory CoastC, E220 V
CroatiaC, F230 V
CubaA, B, C, L110 V / 220 V
CuraçaoA, B127 V
CyprusG230 V
Cyprus, NorthG230 V
Czech RepublicC, E230 V
DenmarkC, E, F, K230 V
DjiboutiC, E220 V
DominicaD, G230 V
Dominican RepublicA, B120 V
DubaiG230 V
East TimorC, E, F, I220 V
EcuadorA, B120 V
EgyptC, F220 V
El SalvadorA, B120 V
EnglandG230 V
Equatorial GuineaC, E220 V
EritreaC, L230 V
EstoniaC, F230 V
EthiopiaC, F220 V
Faeroe IslandsC, E, F, K230 V
Falkland IslandsG240 V
FijiI240 V
FinlandC, F230 V
FranceC, E230 V
French GuianaC, D, E220 V
GabonC220 V
GambiaG230 V
Gaza StripC, H230 V
GeorgiaC, F220 V
GermanyC, F230 V
GhanaD, G230 V
GibraltarG230 V
Great BritainG230 V
GreeceC, F230 V
GreenlandC, E, F, K230 V
GrenadaG230 V
GuadeloupeC, E230 V
GuamA, B110 V
GuatemalaA, B120 V
GuineaC, F, K220 V
Guinea-BissauC220 V
GuyanaA, B, D, G120 V / 240 V
HaitiA, B110 V
HondurasA, B120 V
Hong KongG220 V
HungaryC, F230 V
IcelandC, F230 V
IndiaC, D, M230 V
IndonesiaC, F230 V
IranC, F230 V
IraqC, D, G230 V
IrelandG230 V
Ireland, NorthernG230 V
Isle of ManC, G230 V
IsraelC, H230 V
ItalyC, F, L230 V
JamaicaA, B110 V
JapanA, B100 V
JordanC, D, F, G, J230 V
KazakhstanC, F220 V
KenyaG240 V
KiribatiI240 V
Korea, NorthC220 V
Korea, SouthC, F220 V
KosovoC, F230 V
KuwaitG240 V
KyrgyzstanC, F220 V
LaosA, B, C, E, F230 V
LatviaC, F230 V
LebanonC, D, G230 V
LesothoM220 V
LiberiaA, B120 V
LibyaC, L230 V
LiechtensteinC, J230 V
LithuaniaC, F230 V
LuxembourgC, F230 V
MacauG220 V
MacedoniaC, F230 V
MadagascarC, E220 V
MadeiraC, F230 V
MalawiG230 V
MalaysiaG240 V
MaldivesC, D, G, J, K, L230 V
MaliC, E220 V
MaltaG230 V
Marshall IslandsA, B120 V
MartiniqueC, D, E220 V
MauritaniaC220 V
MauritiusC, G230 V
MayotteC, E230 V
MexicoA, B127 V
MicronesiaA, B120 V
MoldovaC, F230 V
MonacoC, E, F230 V
MongoliaC, E230 V
MontenegroC, F230 V
MontserratA, B230 V
MoroccoC, E220 V
MozambiqueC, F, M220 V
NamibiaD, M220 V
NauruI240 V
NepalC, D, M230 V
NetherlandsC, F230 V
New CaledoniaC, F220 V
New ZealandI230 V
NicaraguaA120 V
NigerC, D, E, F220 V
NigeriaD, G230 V
NiueI230 V
Norfolk IslandI230 V
North CyprusG230 V
Northern IrelandG230 V
North KoreaC220 V
NorwayC, F230 V
OmanG240 V
PakistanC, D230 V
PalauA, B120 V
PalestineC, H230 V
PanamaA, B120 V
Papua New GuineaI240 V
ParaguayC220 V
PeruA, C220 V
PhilippinesA, B, C220 V
Pitcairn IslandsI230 V
PolandC, E230 V
PortugalC, F230 V
Puerto RicoA, B120 V
QatarG240 V
RéunionC, E230 V
RomaniaC, F230 V
RussiaC, F220 V
RwandaC, J230 V
SabaA, B110 V
Saint BarthélemyC, E230 V
Saint Kitts and NevisD, G230 V
Saint LuciaG230 V
Saint MartinC, E220 V
Saint HelenaG230 V
Sint EustatiusA, B, C, F110 V / 220 V
Sint MaartenA, B110 V
Saint Vincent & GrenadinesA, B, G110 V / 230 V
SamoaI230 V
San MarinoC, F, L230 V
São Tomé & PríncipeC, F230 V
Saudi ArabiaG230 V
ScotlandG230 V
SenegalC, D, E, K230 V
SerbiaC, F230 V
SeychellesG240 V
Sierra LeoneD, G230 V
SingaporeG230 V
SlovakiaC, E230 V
SloveniaC, F230 V
Solomon IslandsG, I230 V
SomaliaC220 V
SomalilandC220 V
South AfricaC, D, M, N230 V
South KoreaC, F220 V
South SudanC, D230 V
SpainC, F230 V
Sri LankaD, G230 V
SudanC, D230 V
SurinameA, B, C, F127 V / 230 V
SwazilandM230 V
SwedenC, F230 V
SwitzerlandC, J230 V
SyriaC, E, L220 V
TahitiC, E220 V
TaiwanA, B110 V
TajikistanC, F220 V
TanzaniaD, G230 V
ThailandA, B, C, O230 V
TogoC220 V
TokelauI230 V
TongaI240 V
Trinidad & TobagoA, B115 V
TunisiaC, E230 V
TurkeyC, F230 V
TurkmenistanC, F220 V
Turks & Caicos IslandsA, B120 V
TuvaluI230 V
UgandaG240 V
UkraineC, F230 V
United Arab EmiratesG230 V
United KingdomG230 V
United States of AmericaA, B120 V
United States Virgin IslandsA, B110 V
UruguayC, F, L220 V
UzbekistanC, F220 V
VanuatuI230 V
Vatican CityC, F, L230 V
VenezuelaA, B120 V
VietnamA, C, D220 V
Virgin Islands, BritishA, B110 V
Virgin Islands, United StatesA, B110 V
WalesG230 V
YemenA, D, G230 V
ZambiaC, D, G230 V
ZimbabweD, G240 V

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