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Jordan: Where unforgettable moments are lived

Jordan may be well known for the diversity of its people, its food and its culture but little is known internationally about its rich cultural and historical heritage beyond the rose-red city of Petra. The Kingdom of Jordan remains unexplored by international travelers, from canyons to forests, mountains to deserts, cities and villages, adventure, culture and spirituality. Visit Jordan and create new unforgettable memories.

1. Petra:

Live a moment of hidden authenticity

An ancient sanctuary that grew into a thriving city and trading center and stood the test of time and numerous attempted conquerors, this cavernous ancient metropolis carved into stone was forgotten by the modern world till 1812. Don’t forget to make this magical rose-red city a part of your itinerary when you visit Jordan.


2. Baptism Site:

Live a moment of divinity

Walk the footsteps of Jesus Christ and immerse yourself in the waters of the Jordan River at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. Truly a unique spiritual experience, the site at Bethany Beyond the Jordan/the Baptism Site paints a picture of the time of Jesus Christ at the birthplace of Christianity.

Baptism Site

3. Wadi Rum:

Live a moment of transcendence

Find out why Wadi Rum is the closest you’ll get to a Martian experience on this Earth and sleep under a blanket of stars in this stark and expanding desert. Explore valleys cut into red mountain peaks or simply watch the awe-inspiring sunset changing colors of the sand for an experience that is truly transcendent.

Wadi Rum

4. Dana Reserve:

Live a moment of serenity

Find the hidden gem that is Jordan’s largest nature reserve and stay at the refurbished 15th century stone village overlooking the breathtaking valleys below. While you’re there be sure to hike the red sandstone cliffs and keep an eye out for over 25 endangered species of mammals in their protected environment.


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