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5 top tips to travel like the world’s favourite spy

No one travels quite the way 007 does. When you have an unlimited budget, premium service is expected. Fortunately, you don't need to have quite as much money as Bond does to live out your secret agent dreams.

Exotic locations, luxury hotels, and fancy gadgets, it’s all part of the job when you’re the world’s most famous secret agent. James Bond has been captivating audiences on screen for more than 50 years and has given us a serious case of travel lust.

Well you too can travel like Bond if you’re a little creative. Live his lifestyle without dodging bullets, or breaking the bank, and know that these tips aren’t for your eyes only.

How to get a free upgrade

No super spy ever flies economy; it’s first and upper class only. Even though you don’t have an unlimited budget from her Majesty’s Secret Service, you might be able to score an upgrade for free.

If you’re a frequent flyer, try to be as loyal as you can to a single airline and their partners. Join their loyalty program and collect points anyway you can. It may take some time for you to get a free flight, but airlines will always upgrade loyal flyers first.

Flexibility can also work in your favour. Airlines purposely overbook some flights; this happens when the airline books more passengers than available seats. If this happens, the airline will offer passengers with a confirmed seat travel vouchers worth hundreds of dollars if they volunteer to be bumped onto the next available flight. For more tips on how to get a flight upgrade, check Skyscanner’s travel tips & inspiration.

Drink like Bond

If Bond chooses his airline based on drink selection, then Virgin Atlantic would be on the top of his list. Upper class passengers on Virgin Atlantic have access to a futuristic on-board bar where they can sit, socialise, and of course order Bond’s favourite drink; a Vesper, shaken, not stirred (as featured in Quantum of Solace).

Even if you’re not flying in upper class, you can still get a cocktail fix at 30,000ft by creating your own when the drinks trolley arrives. For instance mix orange juice, Tequilla and Sprite for a spin on the traditional margarita or combine Baileys and vodka for a DIY version of a White Russian. Sadly you will have to stir rather than shake these cocktails.

Fly private for a reasonable price

Nothing screams super cool like flying on a private jet, and you now don’t need to be rich and famous to do so. Private jet companies have started to implement last-minute deals that are available to everyone. is a private jet flight aggregator that operates to more than 2,000 airports. If you’re willing to travel the next day, and are able to rent the entire plane which seats 6, you can get some pretty cheap fares per person.

These low rates are offered because those flights may have been empty or not full anyways. Companies would rather make some money, than no money. What’s the best part of flying private? No security lines or pat downs.

Private Jet on runway

Oh so tech

The Apple Watch may not shoot out lasers, but Q himself would be impressed by the features. Manage your entire trip through your timepiece with apps such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Uber, Tripit and much more. You can even unlock your hotel room door with your Apple Watch at select Starwood properties.

They may not look that stylish when wearing them on the plane, but these ultra-techy jet lag preventing glasses will have you arriving at your destination fresh and ready to hit the casino’s.

We could never imagine 007’s luggage getting lost in transit and make sure you don’t either. Keep a track of your luggage at all times with this connected carry-on. You never know who’s attention you might have attracted. And for those who want the all out real Bond experience there always the Skyfall suitcase collection. No gadgets or gizmos here, just classic style.

Staying in style

007’s choice of hotels may be beyond the budget of common travellers, but with Skyscanner’s amenities filter, you can pick a hotel and reenact your favourite Bond scenes.

Find a hotel with a hot tub and try to be as cool as Sean Connery was when Fiona Volpe had a simple request for him in Thunderball. Perhaps you’re more of a Casino Royale fan; select a hotel where you can play Texas holdem. In Skyfall, Bond went for a swim in the hotel pool in Shanghai; well in real life that hotel was the Four Seasons Hotel at Canary Wharf in London so maybe you can live like Bond for a night after all.

Amenities aren’t the only filter option available; sort by price, star rating, location, cancellation policy, and much more; a secret agent does need to keep his options open.

rooftop pool at night

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