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Explore the world with Tianjin Airlines

Looking for something new for your next holiday? Tianjin Airlines is ready to help you expand your horizons and explore the world. If you are headed to Melbourne, Auckland, Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo or Seoul, Tianjin Airlines has flights to get you there. Everyone makes plans at their final destination, but why not add an extra twist to your holiday with a long stopover in China? Flights from London to one of the six locations above incorporate stopovers in the attractive, culturally interesting and tourist friendly cities of Chongqing, Tianjin and Xi’an. It is the perfect opportunity to sample what China has to offer; a fascinating history, age-old traditions, compelling culture, delicious food, magnificent landscapes, the Great Wall, the Silk Road, an authentic Shaolin Temple, colourful festivals and celebrations, and even adorable panda bears. What is not to like? And to improve on an already great opportunity, Tianjin Airlines offers free transfer accommodations*!

Explore Melbourne via Chongqing

The Royal Botanic Gardens, the Southbank and Arts Centre, the National Gallery of Victoria, or for fervent cricket fans, the Cricket Ground and National Sports Museum, these are only a few of the many reasons to choose Melbourne as a holiday destination. Doing business Down Under? Many top companies call Melbourne home. Scores of Londoners have Aussie roots too, so whether you are travelling for personal or professional reasons, make Tianjin Airlines your first choice when purchasing airfare.

And along the way, why not plan an extended stay in your stopover city? People from around the world come to Chongqing to experience its many natural wonders while being surrounded by its rich cultural heritage. Take a day cruise to the magnificent Three Gorges or take the easy two-hour train along the Chengdu Plain to the city of Chengdu. Seeing some adorable panda bears in their natural habitat is your reward.

Explore Auckland via Chongqing or Xi’an

Are you a sailor at heart? Or perhaps a seasoned veteran of this timeless and graceful sport? Than Auckland is a perfect destination for you. Otherwise known as the “City of Sails” Auckland boasts two major harbours and endless water vistas. It is easy to believe that Auckland is home to the largest number of boat owners per capita, and even easier to understand how it got its nickname. Auckland is also the residence of choice for the largest Polynesian population in the world, over 50 volcanos, and the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sky Tower.

Before you get your feet wet, or sail off into the sunset in Auckland,why not make a quick detour in either of your stopover cities, Chongqing or Xi’an? One of the oldest and most populated cities in China, Xi’an was home to many of the most important dynasties in Chinese history, and the start of the legendary Silk Road. With free transfer accommodation in Chongqing or Xi’an, Tianjin Airlines gives you the perfect opportunity to see what China has to offer.

Explore Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo and Seoul via Tianjin

Virtually wherever you are flying Eastbound from London, Tianjin Airlines invites you to snuggle into your ample seat and melt the hours away with an extensive choice of in-flight entertainment. If your final destination is Osaka, Tokyo, Sapporo or Seoul, during your flight, you will dine on delicious food and be pampered by their exceptional on-board service personnel.

Your stopover city is Tianjin, a great place to extend your holiday and take advantage of free transfer accommodation. You can use your time there to visit the Great Wall at the Huangyaguan Pass, or checkout Gu Wenhua Jie, the Ancient Culture Street, with many colourful shops and temples.

*conditions apply: see Tianjin Airlines for details

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