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Indian cheap flights airlines making headway

Indian cheap flights airlines making headway

Cheap flights carriers in India are gaining passengers at the expense of full-service carriers such as Air India.

Experts have said that premier airlines such as Air India and Jet Airways are losing passengers, while less expensive rivals SpiceJet and Indigo are gaining them, AFP reports.

According to analysts, these carriers have benefited by appealing to India’s ever-increasing middle classes, with many having coped relatively well in the global financial crisis.

There are at least seven cheap flights airlines operating over Indian skies, which enjoy an approximate 40 per cent share of the market.

This percentage is expected to rise markedly over the forthcoming months.

Speaking to the news agency, chief executive of the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation Kapil Kaul said: "By December-end, we estimate this to rise to 70 percent."

Air India, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines have all reported billion-rupee losses recently, with fears that these are not sustainable.

SpiceJet is one of the leading players in India’s cheap flights market and was voted the best low-cost airline in the South Asia and Central Asia region by Skytrax in 2007.