News Iceland explodes; bags of sick bags; London Olympics

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Iceland explodes; bags of sick bags; London Olympics

Iceland explodes; bags of sick bags; London Olympics

Flying High this week…

Collection of 6016 airline sick bag throws up new world record

Niek Vermeulen, a 74 year old Dutchman has bagged the Guinness World Record for his collection of retching receptacles which even includes a bag from the NASA space shuttle Columbia that spent 16 days in space. We are wondering if Niek has a Throne Up Royal Wedding Sick bag in his collection?

Iceland Explodes (in popularity!)

Its volcano may have ravaged European airspace during April 2010, but could Iceland’s ash cloud actually have increased its international appeal? Well, it certainly seems that way; Iceland has reported a 12% year on year increase in visitor numbers, with Brits outperforming the average. Perhaps we are just a nation of lava lovers!

London Olympic tickets released!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s now open season on Olympic event tickets! However, competition is rife especially over the most popular events such as Taekwondo – the Korean martial art. Those keen for some Olympic action must apply at where automatic ballots will select tickets at random for oversubscribed events. However, organisers expect that even the less glamorous events such as handball and archery will be popular, and every single event is expected to sell out.

The 100m sprint may be exciting but perhaps represents the worst value for money with the most expensive tickets working out at around £103 per second of entertainment! Bargain hunters may prefer the sailing events, which cost about £20 for 6 hours of viewing pleasure.