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Hurghada, Egypt: Skyscanner Staff Favourites

Hurghada, Egypt: Skyscanner Staff Favourites

Sun, sea and loads of sand, Hurghada in Egypt has all the attractions of Sharm el Sheikh, with far fewer tourists.

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Why? Eygpt is a superb year round destination; it gets lots of sun, it never rains, it’s non-Euro, it has cheap food and drink, friendly people, a beautiful aquamarine sea for diving & snorkelling and lots more. Hurghada is an emerging tourist destination which has everything the more well know places like Sharm el Sheikh do, but it’s less crowded and touristy.

Stay: I would recommend any of the Red Sea Hotels in and around Hurghada. There are also lots of good quality apartments to rent on a short or long term basis at very reasonable prices.

Eat: There are a vast amount of restaurants and takeaways serving different cuisines in Hurghada, most at very reasonable prices. However when you eat from local restaurants and street vendors you will think the international style restaurants are over charging you! My top recommendation is Esplanda Sphinx for good, cheap food and something for everyone’s palate.

You’ve also got to try the local delicacies – you can feed a family of 4 for £5! Koshari (mix of rice, pasta and spicy tomato sauce), Fuul (broadbeans), Mahshy (stuffed vine leaves), and for those with a sweet tooth, Basboosa (semolina cake with honey & lemon) is a must. Try Kummana on Sherry Street.

Other options include Hard Rock Café, Café del Mar European Restaurant and of course you always have your McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut if you are really fussy.

Don’t Miss: the sea – it’s beautiful and the water is crystal clear. There are various boat trips available for snorkelling, diving and site seeing. Visit the new Marina too, it’s fab – lots of shops restaurants and bars and nice expensive three storey yachts!

Do Miss: the suburb of Dahar if you are a first time visitor – it’s dirty, chaotic and can be a bit scary.

Top Tip: Learn a bit about the place before you go. Hurghada is very much a developing city. There’s lots of building work and construction in some places. Pick up tips on what to pay for taxis and where to go/not to go from internet forums, this will prepare you for your trip and let you know what to expect.

Never pay the first price given to you for anything that’s not in a fixed price shop (doesn’t display price) – you should aim for half the original quoted price.

Fly to: Hurghada Airport from Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London Gatwick direct.

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