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Fly Stay Save: how to unlock special hotel discounts

Thought the savings ended with cheap flights? Think again. With our new Fly Stay Save discount you can unlock special discounted room rates after booking a flight through Skyscanner.

You’ll have even more cash to splash on enjoying yourself with our fantastic new Fly Stay Save offer. Whenever you find a flight through Skyscanner, you’ll instantly unlock special discounts for hotels, B&Bs and resorts in the destination you’re flying to.

With thousands of rooms to choose from at incredible prices, booking your next holiday just got even easier – and cheaper!


How to take advantage of our Fly Stay Save discount

✈️ Fly find a flight through us, unlocking hotel discounts

🛏️ Stay Search for a hotel with the Fly Stay Save icon

💰 Save Book your hotel through us to get discounts!

Search for flights ✈ Search for hotels 🏨

Finding Fly Stay Save hotels

We’ve added a Fly Stay Save filter to our hotel search so you’ll see the best deals first after finding a flight through Skyscanner.

You’ll see the discounts if you search for your accommodation between the departure and return dates of your flight. In case you booked one-way flight, the search dates should fall between your outbound date and 30 days after.

We’re working with a range of partner hotels, including big brands like InterContinental. Our partners only have a certain amount of rooms available, so planning ahead is still the best way to find the cheapest deals.

The Fly Stay Save discounts you see are based on the rate we’re offering to people who haven’t booked their flight through us. So when the results claim 23% off, you’d be paying nearly a quarter more to stay there if you hadn’t already booked your flight through Skyscanner. Just a little perk for our loyal customers!

Design your own holiday

Although Fly Stay Save is a one-stop shop for booking your next cheap getaway, it’s worth bearing in mind that your flight and hotel won’t be covered the same way as a package holiday would. Because you’re booking both the flight and hotel separately, it may be considered a ‘linked travel arrangement’ instead. This means that, in the unlikely chance that something goes wrong, you won’t be covered under the EU’s Package regulations.

If you’ve already booked a flight through us but don’t have your accommodation sorted yet, hop over to our hotels page and see what discounts you can find.

Find Fly Stay Save hotels now 🏨


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