News Holiday Hybrids: Skyscanner merges locations to create perfect vacation destinations

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Holiday Hybrids: Skyscanner merges locations to create perfect vacation destinations

Holiday Hybrids: Skyscanner merges locations to create perfect vacation destinations

Mergers. These days everyone is at it, including airlines.

United Airlines and Continental Airlines moved one step closer to becoming the world’s largest airline later this year as they unveiled the senior team that will lead the new merged carrier. The world’s third largest airline is also imminent, with news that BA and Iberia have had their proposed merger rubber-stamped by the European Commission.

But what if you could merge two countries together? What if you could combine a city or country with another to create the ideal holiday destination?

Skyscanner asked its staff to come up with a collection of fantasy destinations by splicing two places together to craft the ideal vacation location. Enjoy a one-off trip of a lifetime!

1. Scotstralia (Scotland + Australia)

The beauty and history of Scotland’s highlands, islands and lochs but swapping the wind, rain and midges for the Australian sun, sea and shrimps on the barbie.
Flights to Edinburgh start from £20
Flights to Sydney start from £627

2. DubIreland (Dubai + Ireland)

Dubai’s great weather, beaches and luxury shopping coupled with the relaxed craic of Ireland and without the risk of getting locked up for ‘courting’ in public.
Flights to Dubai start from £305
Flights to Dublin start from £14

3. South Spafrica (South Africa + Spain)

The safaris of South Africa where you can spot the big five from treetop hotels, but also well within range of cheap flights from the UK.
Flights to Cape Town start from £643
Flights to Madrid start from £40

4. New Yordan (New York + Jordan)

Mixing all the glitz, glamour and shopping of the most exciting city in the US combined with Middle Eastern heritage, exotic food and the ability to bargain for your goodies in Bloomingdales. The big Arabic apple!
Flights to New York start from £258
Flights to Jordan start from £435

5. Frygpt (France + Egypt)

The fine wines and haute cuisine of the world’s most popular tourist destination, but at the affordable prices of historic Egypt.
Flights to Paris start from £19
Flights to Cairo start from £264

6. Japerica (Japan + USA)

All the exotic allure of Japan with its futuristic cities, fascinating culture and delicious food, but in the convenience of an English-speaking country where those afraid of raw fish do not need to worry about lack of an alternative meal.
Flights to Tokyo start from £575
Flights to New York start from £258

7. North Kororway (North Korea + Norway)

The intrigue and mystery of the hidden Hermit Kingdom but with the access, proximity and lack of dictatorship that Norway offers.
Flights to Pyongyang start from £756
Flights to Oslo start from £11

8. Barcelondon (Barcelona + London)

The great culture of London mixed with a Spanish party scene and the beautiful works of Gaudi, all set over hills and beaches.
Flights to Barcelona start from £41
Flights to London start from £40

9. Bangholm (Bangkok + Stockholm)

The great value food, drink and accommodation in vibrant Bangkok, twinned with the beauty, style and sophistication of Stockholm (and without the expense!)
Flights to Bangkok start from £455
Flights to Stockholm start from £20

10. Germindia (Germany + India)

The multi-sensory assault of India with its pulsating cities, incredible food and ancient temples, but with the German efficiency of trains that run on time, drivers that obey the rules of the road and freely-available delicious beer that is sold in huge mugs.
Flights to Berlin start from £20
Flights to Mumbai start from £369