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Historypin – app of the week

Historypin - app of the week

Ever wished you could travel back in time and see what things would have looked like 100 years ago? Well, now a new app means this is (almost) possible.

Historypin uses a map of the area around you to reveal old photos, instantly drawing you back in time. You can explore your location by holding the phone up to the street and watching old images be overlayed on top of existing structures.

There are thousands of images to browse through in the Historypin archives, and by swiping across the screen you can fade the image on top of the camera view bringing the old scene to life on your mobile phone screen. The app also encourages users to upload their own images.

You can explore old photos from the location around you or browse the world map to find old photos from your chosen destination. Recent events and attractions are also covered thanks to the ability to submit your own photos for publication on the app.

We tested out Historypin outside Skyscanner HQ here in Edinburgh and loved the old pictures of the North British Hotel, now the Balmoral, next door. This looks like a great addition to the expanding number of location-based augmented reality apps, albeit with a historical twist.

Historypin is available free on iTunes and Android