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Hedonist (Hg2) Travel Guides: REVIEW

Hedonist (Hg2) Travel Guides: REVIEW

The Hedonist Guides (or Hg2 for short) are a series of nicely produced guidebooks that focus on the higher-end traveller.

The antidote to the Lonely Planet or Rough Guide, these aren’t guidebooks for the penny pinching backpacker. They are guides for those who have a bit more cash to splash and want a more stylish and chic travel experience, but at the same time, doing it as the locals do.

Featuring information on where to sleep, eat, drink, snack, party and play, the guides are a handy pocket size and are peppered full of colour pictures to inspire. The design is clean which makes a refreshing change to the sometimes eye-bleedingly cramped layout of the Lonely Planet, though of course, the Hg2 guides don’t cover quite as much ground.

The current range includes guides from an interesting slew of destinations; Baku in Azerbaijan sits alongside Barcelona, Beirut, Berlin, New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Tallinn amongst others.

Having recently used the Hg2 Guide to Beirut on my last trip, I found it to be accurate and especially useful for the ‘drink’, ‘party’ and ‘play’ section, although admittedly, most of the hotels featured were beyond my budget!

Supported by the sleek Hg2 website, online updates are available by registering your book so you can keep current with the latest places in town. So if you want to leave the backpacker trail behind and sleep, eat and play like a sophisticated local – the Hg2 guides are the guides to go for.

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Review by Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

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