News Hamburg city breakers ‘should visit Lubeck’

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Hamburg city breakers ‘should visit Lubeck’

Hamburg city breakers 'should visit Lubeck'

British city breakers travelling on cheap flights to Hamburg should explore the nearby city of Lubeck.

This is the recommendation of Lubeck Travemunde Marketing, whose spokesperson said that the city, which is located just 50km from Hamburg and is famous as the birthplace of marzipan, is well worth a visit.

Jyte Kuhe said that its picturesque alleyways and courtyards are a draw, in addition to its status as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

"There is the Holsten Gate with many historic sight seeings. It is just a small town with 250,000 inhabitants," she commented.

Ms Kuhe went on to say that visitors from the UK are one of Lubeck’s most important markets. She also said that many visitors are drawn to its Holsten Gate, which was an important site in the Middle Ages.

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