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Last minute flight deals to the Greek islands

Dreaming of a holiday in the Greek islands? Here are the best deals for popular destinations across the archipelago, from Corfu to Mykonos to Zante.

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Here are some of the best flight deals to the most popular Greek islands from the UK:

Flight deals to Kefalonia, Ionian Islands

Kefalonia is known for it’s amazing wine, pine forests, natural wonders and laid back culture. Oh, and for being the filming location for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. October is in general the cheapest month, but for some airports you might find some last minute summer deals.

Flight deals to Corfu, Ionian Islands

Corfu is a versatile island that offers Italian-influenced food, lots of hiking opportunities, and many amazing beaches. Surprisingly, August offers some really good deals, especially for trips that extend into September.

Flight deals to Crete

This massive island has everything from ancient history to some of Greece’s best food. Also, gorgeous gorges and beaches you can explore for days. October and July are the cheapest months, but Crete is a year round destination – especially for skiing in winter!

Flight deals to Mykonos, Cyclades

Mykonos might be known for its legendary beach clubs, world-class DJs and parties, but it’s also got a calm side. If you want to see a more local side to the island, visit in spring or autumn.

Flight deals to Rhodes, Dodecanese Islands

Rhodes, the ancient home of the famous Colossus statue, has a ridiculously rich amount of history. In fact, its old town is a UNESCO site. But it’s beaches or not to be underestimated either. The festive spring season is a great time to visit, and so is late September to October.

Flight deals to Zakynthos (Zante)

The most famous sight of this island is Navagio, a.k.a. Shipwreck Beach. But that’s just one of its amazing turqoise water adjacent beaches. It’s not as well-known as some islands, so a good option for a summer holiday.

Flight deals to Santorini, Cyclades

Romantic sunsets, pure white facades on the hill, and marvellous, multi-colour volcanic beaches. You probably already know about the charms of Santorini… but we’d like to add that its even prettier in autumn.

Cheap flights to other Greek islands


One of the OG Greek islands that put Greece’s island tourism on the map. Also, the home of Hippocrates. It’s got healing mineral waters as well as beaches.


The birthplace of ouzo, and the best place to have a long night full of great meze and conversation.


A little paradise with the best mix of blue, green and wildlife. Also, Instagram-worthy beaches.

What’s the best time to visit the Greek Islands?

To be honest, the Greek islands are a year-round destination – hot summers are great for sea and sun holidays, while spring and autumn are perfect for discovering nature, avoiding crowds – and getting bargains.

In fact, early October is one of the best times to visit the Greek islands – especially the popular islands like Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. You’ll find less people, cheaper accommodation and better flight deals. All that, and you’ll still have weather in the mid to high 20’s. Swimming, sunshine, peace and quiet – yes, you can have it all.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that there may be fewer ferries scheduled bin the off-season, and if you’re going in November or later, weather conditions may force them to be cancelled. Many shops, restaurants and hotels might also close for the winter.

Check our season-by-season Greek islands guide to see where you should go, and when.

Getting to the Greek islands from Athens

The Port of Piraeus in Athens is the gateway to many of the best Greek islands. Here’s a quick list to see which ones you can get to by ferry from the capital.

  • Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Ios, Milos (Cyclades)
  • Aegina, Hydra, Spetses (Saronic Islands)
  • Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos (Sporades)
  • Symi, Kalymnos, Patmos, Rhodes (Dodecanese Islands)
  • Lemnos, Chios, Lesvos (North Aegean Islands)

You can also find air connections from Athens to a lot of the smaller, local airports on islands such as Chios, Paros, Kythira, Ikaria, Syros and Kastelorizo.

Tips for finding last minute flight deals to the Greek islands

View from Oia, Santorini - last minute flight deals to greek islands

Stay flexible: For example, if you’re OK with flying to Athens in November instead of July. When searching for flights, you can choose ‘Cheapest Month’ to see the best prices during the year. Try it out below for yourself:


You might also find special offers if you’re open to flying from different airports in the UK, or flying to different airports in Greece.

Check out our guide: We’ve put together some of our best tips for finding last minute flights – some of which could help you get to the Greek (holiday) for less.

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*Prices found on 14 June 2019 and were found using “cheapest month” function. Any prices are lowest estimated prices only at the time of publication and are subject to change and/or availability