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Golf Guide Winners announced

Golf Guide Winners announced

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for The Golf Guide. We had lots of great responses from all you golfers, and it was hard to choose just three winners.

However, here are the lucky ones who will each receive a copy of The Golf Guide:

Chris Gleave, Manchester

When days are long and nights are short it’s golf that fills and warms my heart.
The stress and problems of the working day are lifted when I’m out to play.
Although I love my kids and wife, golf’s the thing that lifts my life.
I tell pork pies to find the time to keep that handicap of mine.
It even has a social side especially when the nineteenth arrives.
To win this prize will make my day and help me and my pals to play away.

Ruth Murdoch, Isle of Man

The golfing bug creeps up on you and one day you realise how fortunate you are to be able to exercise, be out in the fresh air and socialise with many likeminded people, some of whom may become close friends.

I have a good solid circle of fellow ‘girlie golfers’ and a full social life thanks to my other half encouraging me to take up the game which he also loves. It is a good game to reduce the stress of work and recharge the batteries. Happy days.

Dave Taylor,

The most frustrating game there is, but you have got to keep coming for more. To hit an 8 iron 1 foot from the pin, to hole a 20ft putt, to drive like a god. In the words of Bing ‘Straight down the middle’. The exhilaration, adrenalin pumping, awe inspiring what more do you want.

Then you hack out a 12 on a par 4 and the lows that come. You know you can do better and how can you let the course beat you. This is a game of you against the elements and you become addicted and start craving for the thrills no matter what age and it’s great to think that golfers live longer than normal. As for the stories in the bar after they are worth the few extra pints you have.

Fuzzy Zeller was asked why did you get a 13 on a hole, his reply was in true golfing humour, I missed the putt for a 12. What a game.

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