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Home of the unimaginatively named ‘Global Corporate Challenge’ (GCC), this website is part of a wider programme designed to get people to become more active.

Thousands of people are currently taking part in the GCC which is apparently the world’s largest corporate health initiative. The idea? Get people walking more!

Skyscanner has four teams who will spend the next four months with a pedometer attached to their hip which tracks approximately how many steps they take each day. The goal is to encourage people to walk at least 10,000 steps every day, the amount the World Health Organisation recommends we should do to stay healthy.

The cool bit is the data bit. Every day, participants enter the number of steps they have made into the website and then your theoretical location is given on a map. During this ‘journey’, participants interact virtually with each location and can read about the customs, history, foods, politics, and geography of the places they ‘pass’ through.

A leader board shows your position against other teams taking part globally, and more interestingly, the other teams within your company, adding healthy competition to the proceedings.

A fun way of encouraging people to exercise more, is this week’s website of the week down to its ability to teach us a little about the world, as well as slice and dice our pedometer data – a must for all Skyscanner geeks!

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