News Skyscanner reveals the future of travel: learn how we will plan and book in ten years

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Skyscanner reveals the future of travel: learn how we will plan and book in ten years

Virtual reality, digital travel buddies and lots of fancy gadgets that will make travelling a whole new experience by 2024.

Always wondered what will travelling be like in ten years’ time? Well, Skyscanner has gone a step further and we bring you a very insightful and entertaining look into the future. Read on to learn our detailed report on the Future of Travel 2024.

For years we have seen the future in films, made predictions, wondered if teletransportation would actually exist or when would we all be able to sleep in a resort on the Moon. Well, the future is not that far and some of it is starting today. As a global travel site, Skyscanner has teamed up with 56 experts to figure out what travels will be like in the future, but also all the breakthrough technologies and exciting new destinations that will shape the global travel industry by 2024.

The first section about our Future of Travel Report shows how the planning and booking of travel experiences will change over the next 10 years.

Our report follows the steps of TOM, the Traveller of the Millennium, and Digital Travel Buddies, the virtual companions that will use artificial intelligence to suggest, plan and book the best trips for each of us, based in our personality and preferences. These wearable technologies are not far-fetched and will change dramatically the way we travel in the future.

But it’s not only wearable technologies what will shape our future travels. Just imagine a wall showing you in a very seductive way destinations, along with the glorious smells and sounds of the place. Or even better, imagine you could try, touch and feel any place before actually going there. All these changes to the way how we research, plan and book our holidays in the future will be revolutionary. This is your chance to have a sneak peek at what the next decade will bring to your travels.

The Future of Travel 2024 report will have two more sections that will focus on the journey itself and the destinations travellers of the future will visit. If you want to stay updated and learn if flying cars will be real you can sign up here to request a notification when we launch the second and third parts of our report. And while the news arrive, make sure you check out what The Future of Travel 2024 will be like.

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