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Full steam ahead! £3 off for you and your travel buddies’ next train adventure

Travelling is so much better when you do it with friends, and it’s always nice to get a cheeky little discount too.

That’s why every time you invite a friend to download the Skyscanner app, you’ll both get £3 off your next train ticket worth £15 or more.

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Nice! How do I invite my friends?

It’s easy peasy! All you have to do is:

1. Log in to the Skyscanner app on your iPhone or Android (make sure you have the latest version of our app – 5.57 or above!)

2. Go into the ‘trains’ section

3. Tap the small ‘gift’ icon in the top right hand corner 

4. Tap on the green ‘invite friends’ button

5. Choose up to 100 of your dearest friends to share the discount

And that’s it! Once they book their first train ticket, you’ll get your £3 credit. You’ll find it under the same ‘gift’ section in the app. It’ll stay active for 60 days, so you have about two months to plan your trip.

Cool! My friend has invited me, how do I get my £3?

Again, easy peasy:

1. Click the link your friend has sent you

2. Download the Skyscanner app from the Play or App Store.

3. Open the app and click ‘login and claim’ 

4. Log in to the app using a new account, or sign in with Facebook or Google

5. Tap on ‘claim voucher’

Now you’re all set: your voucher code will be ready and waiting at the checkout the next time you buy a train ticket through the app. It’ll be there for 30 days, so you have a few weeks before you need to book. Once you’ve booked your ticket, your friend will get their £3 too.

How do I use the voucher code?

You can only use it on transactions of £15 or more, but there are no limits on how many tickets you buy or railcards you use. That said, you can only use one voucher code at a time. So if you’ve invited three friends and have £9 in your account, you’ll get £3 off the next three times you buy train tickets through the app.

My friend had the app before but uninstalled it. Will we still get the discount?

Yes! Any new install of the app is eligible for the discount.

How do I check how much credit I have?

There are a couple of ways to do it:

  1. Tap the ‘gift’ icon and then click the ‘see my vouchers’ link
  2. Go into ‘my vouchers’ on the checkout page

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We’re known for our great deals on flights, so we don’t blame you for having a few questions. We’ve covered all the bases in our terms and conditions.

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