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Christmas shopping significantly cheaper in New York than in the UK, according to a Post Office survey.

Flying High

shopping.lady.JPG**Christmas shopping significantly cheaper in New York** than in the UK, according to a Post Office survey. Best grab flights to New York to do your shopping then!

More cheap flights to Asia – long-haul budget carrier AirAsia X has announced that it is to add a second European destination to its network, creating another low cost route from Europe to Asia.

Superjumbos back soon – Qantas says A380 superjumbos will be back in skies on Saturday


Thanksgiving body scan backlash – millions of angry Americans are preparing to boycott the controversial scanners which threatens to cause chaos on what is already the busiest day of air travel in the US. What do you think? Vote in our Airport Security Poll now!

Ryanair Passenger sit in

– more than 100 passengers staged a sit-in on a Ryanair flight after it was diverted to Belgium last week. The passengers, who were supposed to land near Paris, refused to leave the plane until it took them to their intended destination. They remained sitting in the dark cabin after the pilot and crew had all left the plane at Liege airport. They eventually disembarked and got on the bus. **Winter warning** – Met Office predicts snow across some parts of the UK this week. Are we prepared for another early winter? No? Then escape now with a [winter sun break!](