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Liquids and gels not to be stolen from us by security – (hooray!)

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Liquids and gels not to be stolen from us by security

– (hooray!) the days of passengers having their bottles of H2O taken from them at security could be over after a special scanner was developed by British scientists which can detect liquid explosives. Air-side retailers of drinks are likely to be less thrilled with the news. **For Sale: New Zealand village** – fancy a slice of the Land of the Long White Cloud? Otira – (population: 44) has a school, railway station, town hall, 18 houses and a hotel. Yours for just $1m – bargain.

Mykonos voted hottest spot

– among Europe’s islands, say Condé Nast Traveller magazine readers. ## Grounded ****![](******Italians ban miniskirts!** – Castellammare di Stabia is to be the latest location in Italy to crack down on what is deemed to be anti-social behaviour. Short skirts and other clothing deemed too revealing will be banned, and therefore “restore urban decorum”. There will also be a ban on sunbathing and playing football in public places. Sounds like a real fun town. Read more on [Unusual Laws here](

Middle Earth to relocate?

Union action of over actors’ working conditions has unnerved Director Peter Jackson and the fate of Middle Earth is now under threat. Jackson is considering moving production of The Hobbit movie overseas, possibly even to the UK. New Zealand fans of Tolkien’s fantasy world have taken to the streets to implore Jackson to keep Middle Earth Kiwi. **Airport Passenger Duty to arrive on 1st November** – Will it affect your plans? [Vote in our APD poll now! ](