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It was recently reported that the UK was the worst place to live in Europe

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After it was recently reported that the UK was the worst place to live in Europe, there are two pieces of more encouraging news for Britain this week:

British citizens top list for visa-free travel – apparently British citizens can travel more extensively around the world without visas than passport holders from any other country in the world. At least this means we can leave the worst place to live in Europe more easily.

We love Britain! The UK is the ‘fourth most admired nation’ according to 2010 Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index. Only the US, Germany and France are more admired.

Nudist cruise launched

– get naked on the seven seas, just watch your brass monkeys! ## Grounded

France out of fuel?

France’s petrol pumps could run dry by Wednesday – pilots have been told to refuel abroad amid strike crisis.

New Tax at Durham Airport

– Durham Tees Valley Airport will introduce a £6 ‘passenger facility fee’ on 15 November 2010. The latest in a long line of airports to add an extra charge for passing through, the move is likely to be unpopular with passengers, though unlikely to stop them flying.

Ryanair set to close Marseille base

– in response to legal actions over Ryanair’s working practices, the Irish airline will terminate its Marseille operations from 11 Jan 2011. The move will see the loss of 200 jobs and 13 routes.