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Super mice to fight terrorism – units of mice trained to detect explosives and drugs at airports have undergone a successful trial in Israel. The rodents have a sense of smell more powerful than dogs, which allows them to sniff out contraband with a 100% record.

Egypt’s Red Sea resorts report business as usual – despite major unrest in Cairo and other large cities, the distant Red Sea resorts continue to operate as normal. See our Egypt travel advice for more.

Free Facebook access on flights for February

– several airlines including American Airlines, Virgin America, and United Airlines are offering Facebook access for free – although full Wi-Fi will cost. ## Grounded **Mutiny aboard Ryanair flight** – more than 100 Ryanair passengers are removed from a flight in Lanazarote following a fight over excess baggage fees after staff requested the passenger pay extra for oversized luggage.

BA raises fuel surcharge following Egypt crisis

– the extra fee will add £24 to the cost of a long haul return flight. **[Bush fires new Perth destroy more than 60 homes]( **– more than 100 fire fighters are battling** **flames near the Western Australian city