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Flight Geek of the Week – Laura Wilson

Flight Geek of the Week - Laura Wilson

Introducing the flight search geeks that make Skyscanner work

**1. What do you do at Skyscanner?**
I’m the SEO & Analytics Executive, which means I help make the website search engine friendly and spend a lot of time looking at traffic trends and conversion rates to see if what we are doing is working.

2. What kind of flight geek are you?
I’m a planning geek. I love planning anything, especially travel. I spend hours researching destinations before choosing where to go on holiday.

3. What best generally describes your travel style?
I’ll fly anywhere if the price is right!

4. What’s your ideal holiday?
I like to spend some time relaxing on the beach or by the pool but I also love exploring new places. I love music festivals too; I went to Benicassim in Spain last year which was great as I got to see some amazing bands, had two days on the beach and a few days in Barcelona to explore.

5. Who’s your ideal travel companion?
I guess it would have to be my boyfriend Dave. Travelling with friends is always fun too.

6. Do you fly with children?

7. How do you decide where you want to go?
Tips from friends and family and lots of online research. Deciding where to go usually takes me ages but it’s my favourite part of planning a holiday.

8. How do you decide when you want to go?
Whenever I feel like I need a holiday. I don’t have kids so I’m not restricted to school holidays, which I’m making the most of.

9. What annoys you most about planning holidays?
All the choices! I love planning holidays but the amount of choices available is sometimes overwhelming. That’s why I love Skyscanner, it saves me so much time choosing flights and hotels so I can spend more time on the fun stuff.

10. What are you doing in your job at Skyscanner to sort that?
A big part of my job is to help people find Skyscanner on search engines so that they can save time and money on flights, hotels and car hire. In the analytics side of my job I also look for ways to improve the site.

11. What’s your favourite thing about the Skyscanner site?
I love the year and month views, they’re great for when you’re trying to decide where to go, especially if you’re looking after the pennies as you can find out which are the cheapest places to get to at any time, instantly.

12. What’s your dream feature?
I’d love to be able to search for trains on Skyscanner.

13. Favourite websites apart from Skyscanner and why?
I love Lonely Planet and STA Travel. When I’m not thinking about travel I spend a lot of time on the All Recipes UK website, it’s great for food ideas.

14. What’s the geekiest thing about you? Your secret geek shame?
I’m a complete food geek. I spend hours looking at recipes and planning meals every week.

15. Worst travel experience?
I come from Orkney so I’ve had some rough times on the ferry home. The nine hour bus journey from Edinburgh to Scrabster pier is never fun either, especially with a hangover!