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Flight Geek of the Week – Andrew Phillips

Flight Geek of the Week – Andrew Phillips

Introducing the flight search geeks that make Skyscanner work

**1. What do you do at Skyscanner?**
My job is to ensure that flight prices are as accurate and up-to-date as possible; I also help manage our technical ties with airlines and travel agents you see on the site.

2. What kind of flight geek are you?
Questioning Geek; I always like to know what’s going on.

3. What best generally describes your travel style?
I know where I want to go but am flexible on when.

4. What’s your ideal holiday?
I enjoy the touristy stuff and getting to see new places but would be perfectly happy anywhere that is sunny, near the sea and has plenty of water / adrenaline sports to keep me occupied.

5. Who’s your ideal travel companion?
I should probably say my girlfriend… but Megan Fox would do.

6. Do you fly with children?
Only myself.

7. How do you decide where you want to go?
I travelled a lot before Uni and had many recommendations from friends of places to go and visit. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see them all back then but I kept a list so that one day I can get to see all the places I’ve been told about. My top five are: Peru, China, Japan, Laos and Morocco – my next big trip will be somewhere from that list.

8. How do you decide when you want to go?
Depends on where I’m going and what season it will be there. I once misplanned a trip to New Zealand and ended up having three winters in a row – big mistake!

9. What annoys you most about planning holidays?
I enjoy travelling with friends but trying to pin people down to go at the same time is difficult.

10. What are you doing in your job at Skyscanner to sort that?
A new feature called “My Skyscanner” will help users share their trips online. This would make the whole planning process a little smoother.

11. What’s your favourite thing about the Skyscanner site?
The ability to search for the cheapest prices using the ‘Month View’ feature which ensures you get the best price when you are flexible about your dates.

12. What’s your dream feature?
The ability to incorporate several destinations into a single trip rather than having to book them all individually.

13. Favourite websites apart from Skyscanner and why? provides visually stunning desktop backgrounds that have all been computer generated.

14. What’s the geekiest thing about you? Your secret geek shame?
When I got my new phone I spent about two months researching it and even made a game for it, before it was even out in the shops!

15. Worst travel experience?
Losing my hold luggage on a flight to South Africa and then, after two hours shopping for replacement clothes, being mugged at knifepoint for all my new purchases.

Getting stuck in an elevator in Bangkok for four hours after the cables snapped – luckily on the first floor!

Or being drunk on an eight hour train ride from London to Aberdeen in the baking heat and my hangover kicking in en route.

You decide!

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